Spring is in the air

Sep 17, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

I think you will all agree that spring is in the air, and those dark winter mornings are well and truly behind us. This is a time of year when we tend to focus on our homes a little more. Perhaps spending a weekend having a spring clean, or clearing out the decks outside ready for the summer.

Stripes range from MamaGreen

It’s probably been a few months since you sat out on your balcony or back deck and no surprises that the area is in need of some attention. I don’t know about you but I have a small balcony that I plant out every year. We tend to grow herbs, chilli’s, and flowers in our limited space. Over the years we’ve made the most of the wall space by hanging wall baskets (we even grew strawberries in them one year however the possums got to the fruit before we did!). I’ve been out this weekend pulling up all of the old plants, turning the soil ready for the new ones to go in. Luckily last February I had the whole balcony painted and it’s still looking pretty good so with a wipe down and a sweep up I’m ready to get going. We invested in some lovely recycled timber furniture a few summers ago so this will need a sand down and a good oil.

Small external spaces don’t need to be dull and lifeless. In fact I love making the most of a small balcony. Finding out what grows well and what doesn’t as each balcony is different in terms of the amount of light it gets, how the elements attack the plants and of course how many of those pesky possums are in the neighbourhood. Also choosing furniture, a bbq and decorative accessories can be fun. Local stores have all of the new summer ranges in right now and I’ve been checking a few out. My favourite by far this year is MamaGreen down on Alice street in Newtown. This is a Belgian brand that Sounds Like Home have brought to Australia and it’s going down a storm. Al of their products are produced with the environment in mind using recycled timbers and materials. I just love their stripes range, these white chairs are fabulous and would brighten up any balcony or back garden. They also stock these comfy chairs that come in various colours with optional foot stools.

Chairs with foot stool from MamaGreen, great option instead of loungers if you don't have the space.

I’m also a big fan of these gorgeous planters that come in a few different sizes.
But get in quick as you need to order soon to receive delivery before Christmas is here. Check them out at www.mamagreen.com.au

Other outdoor suppliers that are stocking great items this season are:




I would love to see your outdoor spaces and how you are bringing them to life ready for the summer. Feel free to email images and comments.

Planter from MamaGreen.

Enjoy the spring sunshine!

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