Stairway to heaven

Jun 12, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

MC Escher - Relativity (1953)

It seems that the structure of a stairs is hot topic when it comes to design at the moment. Not simply the structure that is designed to bridge a large vertical distance making a pathway for us from one level to another in a home. I’m referring to using a structure that represents a stairs when designing storage, or to display decorative items, or even to use as the main point of interest in a design such as a lamp or a piece of artwork.

Stair Lamp - The Country Trader

M.C. Escher the Dutch artist was well known for his study of the stairs in his work. He was the artist that explored impossible structures, architecture and this concept of infinity making optical illusions with the steps and stairways in his drawings. I can’t stop tracing the architecture in these images, trying to work out where is all begins and ends, I guess that this is the point of his work. I’ve recently noticed the use of stairs from a decorative perspective, however this time a little different in terms of function and form.

Installation at The Country Trader

I was at The Country Trader at the weekend and noticed a collection of objects that used stairs in the main part of the design. Take a look at this fabulous timber stairs being used to display objects of interest. At one time these were functioning stairs in another space, now being used instead of a bookcase or shelving. I also found this miniature replica of a spiral staircase, to be displayed as a point of interest in any home. The detail on these steps are exquisite this really could make a lovely piece for a reading nook, or a living room. And finally I came across this fantastic lamp, with the spiral staircase design wrapping around the stem of the lamp. This would make a fantastic piece for any home office, hallway or even a bedroom.

These objects and ideas may not appeal to all of you, but as M.C. Escher once said:

“To tell you the truth, I am rather perplexed by the concept of ‘art’. What one person considers to be ‘art’ is often not ‘art’ to another. ‘Beautiful’ and ‘ugly’ are old-fashioned concepts that are seldom applied these days; perhaps justifiably, who knows?”

The same could be said for interior design. What makes some feel at home may make others feel uncomfortable. That’s the beauty of design, where else can we claim a space and make it a reflection of ones self?

From The Country Trader

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