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Apr 14, 2019 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

It’s become a bit of a niche for me over the years to work on smaller spaces, apartments, terraces, and just one off rooms. I’ve talked a lot in the past about how to plan for furniture, colours and lighting in smaller spaces but I haven’t really talked much on decorating these rooms.

When it comes to choosing artwork, cushions, throws and décor items for a smaller space there are some tips that you should keep in mind. Similar rules to when you are choosing furniture, just applied in a slightly different way.

Don’t clutter

People take this to mean less is more but also keep everything small. This isn’t what I mean here. Actually it’s better to choose fewer larger pieces and place them strategically rather than more smaller. This can be applied to artwork, décor pieces such as vases, candles, ornaments, and books. Oversize your artwork for impact, this is a much better idea than creating a gallery wall of many small pieces.

Minimise the colour pallet

In smaller spaces I like to choose one or 2 strong colours to overlay my neutral base. Often just one colour such as green but then I’ll pull in various shades to add depth. Keeping your colours simple will help the eye move easily around the room therefore creating a sense of space and calm.

Be practical

Keep your décor pieces practical where you can. It’s ok to add in a bit of whimsy but when choosing decorative vases make sure the material is suitable to hold water and therefore flowers. Buy beautiful coasters that not only protect your tables but also add a level of decoration, and use plants in wonderful pots to create warmth and that natural touch.

A note on plants

I am a HUGE fan of indoor plants, I can’t get enough of them. But what I’ve learnt over the years is that the pots are just as important. So over the past few years I’ve really invested in a selection of pots in all sizes but they all work well together. Buying a couple in each design, and then combining designs that complement each other you’ve made your life easy when you come to plant them out and move them around your home. Also a tip for small spaces, choose a floor standing plant if your room will allow coupled with a few smaller pots clustered together in another area of the room. Choose floor plants with smaller leaves but plenty of foliage. Don’t place a massive palm in a small room, they grow like crazy and you’ll soon be donating to a larger home!

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I hope these tips help to make your beautiful small spaces feel like home.

Happy decorating.

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