Styling with indoor pots and plants

May 27, 2019 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Hi All. I was with a client today talking to them about how to style their new apartment to make it feel for homely. They are a well-traveled couple, with so many excellent pieces from their travels to help us style with that I really don’t have to source many extra pieces. However, they were just feeling that the new place could do with warming up.

They have lovely outdoor areas that connect almost every room with an outdoor space, I immediately suggested that we focus on indoor plants to really boost that connection even further with the outdoors. It got me thinking, I love styling my own place with plants, there is hardly a room in our home without at least one if not more potted plants, I just don’t think a room is complete without them.

So how do you get the best out of your investment? Well, I started by sourcing a collection of beautiful indoor plant pots. Choosing two to three different designs, all in the same colour family (for me that’s white but each has an interesting pattern), and then I would choose a couple of sizes from each design. Some are floor standing, I invested in floor stands for a couple and the rest are smaller to sit on tables, shelving and sideboards.

Once you have a good collection of pots, now think about the type of plants you like. I prefer large, dark green leaves for mine, so a lot of my larger plants are Palms, Fiddle Leaf Figs and Monstera. These are my base plants, I then mix in smaller plants such as trailing Ivy’s, succulents and yucca. I also like ferns but you need to be careful if you have pets (especially cats).

Then think about placement, you need to work with the plant on this. Get advice from your local plant nursery when purchasing your plants. For instance you don’t want to place a Fiddle Leaf in direct sunlight. I focus my plants in and around shelving for my smaller plants and trailers, clear corners and spaces for my floor standing Fiddle Leaf, large sideboards or consoles for medium sized plants and then for anything in between coffee table, desk, kitchen island bench and even one or two in the bathroom. As for bedrooms I do prefer something flowering like an Orchid.

Keep on top of root growth, replant into larger pots, and if a new plant is looking a bit sad where you’ve placed it them move it around a bit. It’s so rewarding when you find the right spot and get gifted with new leaves!

Happy planting.

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