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Apr 23, 2018 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Happy Monday guys. I wanted to talk today about styling. It’s a nice follow on from a previous post a few weeks back where I talked about decorating your home, see this post here. In this post I talked about creating a focal point, hardware, rugs, lighting and at the very end décor pieces. I wanted to delve deeper into the décor pieces and how to actually style your surfaces.

You can have the most wonderful pieces that you’ve picked up from your travels, collected from local markets, or gifts from others, but if they aren’t displayed well and added to in the right way you will never get the full joy from them. So here’s how to style like a pro.

Rule 1

Ensure that your décor pieces connect with each other and are friends. When I say this you want them to complement and support each other and not fight against each other. For instance mixing textures such as books, crystals, plants, photo frames and candles all bring something unique to the table, if you connect them through colour then will support each other. Much like this picture below. Here the stylist has mixed in natural textures like the agate bookends, the potted fern and cactus with organic shapes such as the coral but mixed the materials, gold, brass, stone porcelain. All of this with some simple books and linked with the use of blue make these shelves work.

Image via Pinterest

Rule 2

There are some things to think about around placement of the objects. Generally you want to place items in number of 2 or 3. So 2 photo frames of different sizes, or 3 small potted plants all in the same pots and of similar size. This rule generally works really well on any surface. Again see below the middle column, 2 boxes stacked on top of each other, 2 photo frames and then above 3 glass vessels.

Image via Pinterest

Also when introducing books it’s great to use bookends, but also turn books on their side and use as a bookend then stack a décor piece on top of this. You can see a good example of this below.

Image via Pinterest

Rule 3

Create balance, this can apply to any area such as coffee tables, shelves, bedsides and consoles. And what I mean by this is not to make everything symmetrical. Consider the size of the items on a surface, ensure there are enough larger pieces to balance the small. Cluster larger and smaller together in the 2’s and 3’s rule. Balance your materials, not too much metal, balance with organic materials and vice versa. Also when it comes to placement for instance on a bookcase a lot of people place larger pieces at the bottom then smaller towards the top. I believe it’s better to mix up and focus on balancing the space overall. And lastly leave white space…let your beautiful pieces breath and have the space to shine. This is just as important as filling your surfaces with interesting décor.

Image via Pinterest

Good luck, play around with it, and create some joy in your home!

NOTE: Images used under Fair Use, and the above commentary is a personal view and not commercial in nature, and were sourced from a variety of online sources and personal archives.

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