Supplier spotlight – Urban Road making interior styling easy

May 11, 2015 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Many of you may have already heard of Urban Road, the online canvas artwork site (and I mentioned them in a previous post earlier this year). This is a supplier who has focused on forming really strong relationships with artists to develop a beautiful new collection released already this year.

What I love about this new collection is how easily you can pick two or three pieces for a room to complete an interior design that reflects your personality. With plenty of colour palettes and styles to choose from it’s hard not to find something that would work in your space. From beautiful painterly water colours through to stronger defined prints and more traditional florals there really is something for every home.

Not only this you can now work in ready made cushions from the online store that are purposefully developed with certain art collections in mind, so they pair up extremely well. I love the way these cushions have a reverse complementary design so you can change things up super easily.

Urban Road have also released a lovely collection of rugs to complement their artwork. These designs all come in a 2m x 3m size which fits most living areas and bedrooms. With all of these pieces to work with it really does make styling your home super easy.

Happy decorating!

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