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Sep 23, 2018 | Uncategorized

There are definitely some key things to think about when pulling a room or whole home together. Things that I always think about when starting a new project. And to be honest with my own renovation coming up these are at the forefront of my mind. So I thought I’d share them with you. Doesn’t matter if your decorating one room or many, whether you’ve done this before or not, always consider these 7 key items:

If you’re renovating, make at least one BIG change

What I mean by this is redefining a space. This could be by building up into the roof space and adding in extra bedrooms or living area, it could be as I am about to do and knocking 2 rooms into one to create a more spacious feel. You have to do what’s right for the property of course, but be bold and make a big change.

Pay attention to the details

Invest in good door hardware, light switch covers and tapware. These are things that you touch and feel every day in your home, so that’s where you should make an investment. I love beautiful glass switch plate covers, well thought through door handles on all internal doors, external doors and cabinetry, and my absolute favourite thing to choose in a bathroom is tapware.

Spend on your flooring

Get the absolute best that your budget will allow. Don’t save here. It may be a beautiful engineered oak floor, a high end plush carpet, or Italian tiles, just go for it. You won’t regret the choice and buying great quality for your flooring as it’s such a big surface area in the home that’s very hard to change after a renovation.


People often focus a lot on their fixed lighting like downlights and pendants, but don’t forget to invest in accent lighting too. Beautiful floor lights and table lamps are just as important. In fact, at night in my lounge room I never use the overhead lights, my lamps create a warm homely feel so spend on quality here.

Larger scale pieces

Original artwork by Kate Clarkson

In a room choose at least 2 pieces to go bigger on. That could be a dining table and artwork, or a sofa and a rug. Up-scale in this way and the room will feel more opulent and quality driven.

Keep continuity in colour

My last 2 points are around palette and materials. With the colour palette choose your main 2/3 colours and stick to them throughout. To create interest, bring in texture through the same colour family. So this could be a base of green/greys, or perhaps taupes. Keep this thread going through the home then add in one or two complementary colour pops.

Material choices

The same applies to your materials. Repeat tiles throughout the home, if you’ve chosen a certain timber floor then why not repeat in your bathroom vanities, cabinetry elsewhere in the home, or even in your door hardware. By repeating you link your spaces and create continuity and flow.

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