The Colour Purple

Apr 23, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

Purple vintage threads –

For some time now purple has been out of vogue in home interiors. Deep purple, violets, lavenders and plums aren’t the most obvious colours to work with when trying to pair with other accents. However used in the right way purple can add a depth to a design that no other can. Purple can look rich, luxurious, and extremely elegant. For instance think of a palette using grey, deep purple and lavender – beautiful, calming and modern. This can make a nice change from the usual blues that we so often see these days.

The dining room table and chairs are kept light and modern in this room by using a glass top with a metallic base, paired with more traditional style chairs in a Laura Ashley patterned plum fabric. This dining set contrasts extremely well with the sofa creating balance in the room.

Purple can also be paired well with white and even black. However be cautious here, if pairing with black use lighter shades such as lilac and violet. This will help lift the scheme whilst keeping it modern. This room works particularly well. The light flooring and walls carry the deep purple/plum sofa. However the clever design aspect in this megabox hd for pc room is the use of lime green as an accent to compliment the purple. This keeps the palette modern and fresh.

In my experience it’s worth using purple sparingly otherwise. a room could feel over powering and enclosed. On the other hand too much lilac or lavender has a tendency to create a dated country cottage interior. Introduce purple through pieces such as a sofa fabric, and use as pops of colour in patterns on lamp shades, cushions and accessories such as vases or candles. Use lots of white, grey or cream to help balance out the palette. Accessories such as this purple lamp, and being conscious of the colouring in the plants used in the room bring the whole concept together nicely. Overall a fabulously modern, yet timeless look.

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