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Jun 18, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

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You don’t have to dedicate a whole room to a home office, of course if you have the space then absolutely go for it. However many of us can’t give up that spare bedroom, or perhaps we live in a one bedroom apartment and so we need to think creatively about how we can install a home office without it taking up too much room. Another consideration when we are using a portion of our main living area as a workspace is the way that it looks and integrates into the overall room.

In an earlier post (small space living – I talked a little about ideas for building home offices into nooks, under stairs, and generally anywhere where there is a little space for a desk and some storage. However I understand that it isn’t as easy as it seems to make a home office fit with the rest of the room. So I thought I would provide you all with some tips and hints on how to get the best out of that nook, and indeed how to make it look attractive enough to be part of your home interior.

To begin with there are 3 main considerations when setting up a home office that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing:

1. Enough space to allow you to work without feeling hemmed in,

2. Storage that is accessible, organised and functional,

3. The space should be quiet and ideally close to natural light.

Now we need to talk about fixtures, fittings, and furniture:

• If budget allows custom fit your desktop, this will mean you maximise desk space in your available area.

• Use under the desk as a storage area. Source freestanding or custom build cabinets and draws so this space isn’t wasted.

• Choose a good quality chair. If you are using the desk every day ensure its supportive and comfortable. If you use this space only occasionally then you could go for something more ornate or styled.

• If space allows install some shelving within easy reach of your desk. This is great for items that you need to keep on display and that are used more frequently. You can also use your shelving to display favourite books, photos and pictures or items that create interest.

• You now need to think about lighting, a task lamp is best as decorative lighting just won’t give off enough light. Don’t be afraid to mix old with new here.

• And accessories, think about keeping these unified in some way, perhaps colour, material or style. You will need letter trays, bin, storage boxes and files, pen holder, and perhaps a cork board mounted above or to the side of your desk.

• Your cork board should be filled with things that inspire, remind, and add something to the overall look and feel of this space. Here you can get really creative with colour, images, and materials.

• Finally to keep those wires and cords to a minimum go wireless where you can. There are some great products out there such as printers that can be connected through Wifi to your PC/laptop.

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I would love to see your home offices, I’m always looking for new and creative ideas for this space. Feel free to email me a photo at And if you have any other comments of advice that you would like to share please leave a comment below.

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