The Professors House – A Pet Friendly Home

Jun 23, 2014 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Mio smallI am often asked to  write articles for online blogs, forums and websites not just here but also in the US and the UK. Mainly around my experience as an interior designer, the process, my clients and my finished projects. Professors House is one of those websites that I contribute to. This is a website where advice, hints and tips and general stories of life are shared on many subjects from home and relationships to food and health. It’s a one stop reading experience on many topics providing inspiration, humour, and general antidotes.

Recently Professors House has been working on a large project called The Pet Friendly House. This is a project where they will be showcasing a home that is constructed for the whole family, not just the humans in residence but their four legged friends too! One that is well designed, well decorated and includes features that makes home and pet ownership more enjoyable. I love this, as most of you know I’m a huge animal lover, if I could buy a zoo I would. Instead I settle for my four pawed buddy Mio pictured here. I’m constantly thinking about how she lives in her home, ensuring the environment is stimulating enough, that she have a quiet space to sleep, and great companionship from her human friends! But also being an interior designer I’m constantly updating my home. I need to ensure fabrics, hard finishes and generally any choices I make are Mio proof. Sometimes this can be hard, and you feel like you have to compromise.

So I hope you enjoy reading and following the progress of this feature, learn how to live well with your pets, and most of all cherish the joy the they bring to us each and every day.

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