Time to get EXCITED – It’s EOFYS!!!

Jun 26, 2017 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

From time-to-time I post about sales…so it would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention the last week of End of financial year sales.

That’s right, that special time of year when retail is making a last ditched effort to get as many of your hard-earned dollars as possible before they reset the financial clock and start all over again.

Of course, every store and retailer will be a bit different.  So, you have to take a bit of time and hunt out what you want and or need, to figure out what represents the right price point for your budget.

As such, do your own diligence and consider your design so you don’t end up with a mish-mash of “stuff” and buyers regret.  Remember that colours and sizes may be limited, it could be shop-floor stock, or they’re running out stock that’s not selling, box damaged seconds etc.

So, with that all that in mind, here are some of the consideration I share with my clients to keep them on the straight and narrow during sales shopping.

  1. It’s STILL all about the design – just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’ll fit your design concept, so be sure about colours, size, ergonomics, reason for sale, finish etc.
  1. Budget, budget, budget – remember it’s still a cost to you; no matter how good the saving or interest free credit period, don’t overspend. Think about it like an auction strategy, set a limit and stick to it.
  1. Extras – make sure you factor in any extras before you settle on an item. Warranties, colours, fabrics, monthly charges, delivery, storage, tax…  Cost everything together before you get emotionally attached to something.
  1. Timing – if you’re buying early, consider where you’re going to keep everything, if you have enough room, and do you have the flexibility in the items if plans change?

And don’t forget the sale end dates… you don’t want to miss out!!!

  1. Be a bit cheeky – it’s always worth asking if the sales person can do any better, or if an item isn’t on sale, will they discount it. Don’t underestimate the “sales red-mist” that stores go through to hit targets, especially right at the end of a sale.

So where are the best sales happening in Sydney right now?  EVERWHERE? But really… it all depends what you’re looking for.  Try:

  • 40 Winks – they’re a franchise, so each store can be a bit different but they’re currently running a 50% stocktake sale on mattresses and furniture.
  • Bo Concepts – there’s no figures, but they’re having a “Design Sales” and also seem to be pushing ex-display items.
  • Carpet Court – another franchise and another stocktake sale, but no exact figures on the savings. Visit or call your local branch to see what they’re doing.
  • Coco Republic – also running a stocktake sale but again, no exact figures on the savings. Check out the clearance area on their website for more.
  • Freedom – not a go to for me, but they have a number or sales across their ranges. From individual mark downs to 50% off Freshwater Mattresses, 40% off the Nordic range, 30% of office furniture etc.
  • Harvey Norman – again, not a go to for me but with their recent premium launch, I thought I’d include them. They have a ½ yearly sale with 50-month interest free.  Sounds great but don’t forget your budget!!!
  • JB Hi-Fi – a must if you’re after electronics, they have a number of different sales on and good interest free credit. So, checkout their current catalogue but also ask in store for further discounts.
  • Winning Appliances – I love Winning Appliances and their EOFYS. If you’re after quality or something special, like a Sub Zero or Wolf, check these guys out.
  • And lastly, if you’re after manchester, check out either Adairs or Sheridan, both have good sales on right now.

Whatever you do…don’t forget the date.  These sales will typically end this week, probably on Friday if not before.

As always, for more information on working with a designer, contact SmartSpace Interiors for a complimentary interior design and decoration consultation.

NOTE: Images used under Fair Use, and were sourced from a variety of online sources and personal archives. The above commentary is a personal view and not commercial in nature.

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