Top 5 Features to highlight when selling your home

Nov 29, 2020 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

At this time of year here in Australia we always see a massive amount going on in the property market. Both now and of course in the new year is generally when new stock comes onto the market for sale and homeowners look to make that move they’ve been planning for. I don’t think we’ve seen a slow down on that front despite the hurdles that 2020 have thrown at us. So here are the top 5 things you need to know and focus on when getting your home ready for sale, especially if you aren’t using a stylist.


So much storage in our Randwick project laundry

This is pretty high on a buyers list, definitely in the top 10. Invest in good quality joinery for every room in your home. From mud rooms, workable laundries to great robes in each bedroom and lounge room joinery, I very much feel there isn’t a room where joinery doesn’t have purpose. Make sure what you build in is timeless and the materials are quality to they last the years. This is especially important if you aren’t selling right away.


Second sitting room and office at my Rozelle project

It’s become more and more essential especially for family homes to have a 2nd living space, more so than a huge open plan space. So if you’re lucky enough to have this make sure you style this room so a buyer can imagine using it as a second living space. Add a small study nook in if you don’t have a home office this will also appeal to buyers.


Great lighting in bathrooms is so important as seen here in my Riverview project

Especially outside would you believe! This is super important to buyers, for security, practicality and aesthetics. Also, a good lighting plan inside will really assist the sale. Especially as when your home is open for inspection the real estate agents tend to turn on every light in the home!


This doesn’t surprise me that this is high on a buyers list. We are all so aware of increasing energy costs, and our impact on the environment. So replace those windows that have seen better days if needed, and also if you have great windows already ensure they are well maintained and super sparkly for your opens.


Willoughby Kitchen and Dining

Kitchen island at my Willoughby project

This is a feature that’s pretty up there. I know when I’m designing kitchens this is high on every clients wishlist. So if you are renovating your kitchen and our space allows work one in. I’m just about to install a small 1.4mx1m island into a traditional kitchen space. Although this is small, positioned well it will add function and look beautiful. And if you have one and are selling style that baby up!

I hope you have a successful makreting campaign if you are selling your home at the moment. If you are thinking of renovating for sale please do reach out for a chat about how you can best optimise your investment.

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