Trends that won’t last

Sep 4, 2017 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Hi All. I’m writing this week about trends that become popular really quickly such as hexagon tiles in bathrooms or recessed TV’s, and then soon fall out of favour. Some of these trends are very costly to install and can be impractical and a bit faddy. Don’t fall into that trap and regret those decision in 12-24 months.

Recessed wall mounted TV’s

It’s funny, because at one point everyone wanted their TV at least mounted on the wall with wires hidden. Then it went a step further with recessed niche’s for the TV. I have to say I always thought these were completely impractical. If you have a husband like mine you would always be needing to make your niche larger (which is easier said than done) when he decides to go for a larger than life TV for his next purchase! What’s wrong with sitting your TV on a lovely piece of custom made cabinetry or a lovely entertainment unit? Most now come with beautifully designed stands.

Oversized mirrors behind vanities in bathrooms

I’m seeing this trend grow right now. Have you seen those vanity areas where the tapware is wall mounted and cut into a mirror and then the mirror runs floor to ceiling behind the vanity? What’s up with this? Well for one imagine all of the water marks on the mirror, it would drive me crazy. And if the mirror is frameless over time it will discolour, no matter the quality of the mirror you will get rusting. I love the custom mirrored cabinetry to the ceiling and that stops 300mm/400mm above the vanity benchtop revealing the tiles. This still open’s up the space and offers fantastic storage.

Hexagon tiles cut into timber flooring

Now this is 2 fold for me as I think the hexagon has been and gone. Personally I never used this shape in any of my designs I wasn’t a fan, but it soon got over used. Now I’m seeing so many lovely timber floors with these tiles cut in as a ‘design’ feature and for a practical spot to drop your dirty shoes. If this is a trend that’s still around in 5 years I’ll eat my hat!

Over using fixtures that you see everywhere

This is especially true for lighting. If any of you watch The Block, how many rooms have we seen this fixture in? Just because a space is a little bit traditional doesn’t mean you have to pull this one out every time. If you see something being used time and time again, could be lighting, shape of a tile, a colour on tapware, and if you feel like it’s over exposed then there is a strong likelihood that it will be out of vogue in a year or two.

Large Bi-fold doors

I think many of us have finally realised that there are better systems than these heavy bi-fold doors that open up onto our beautiful gardens. For one yes they can be super heavy depending on how wide and tall each door is. Secondly they need so much clearance when maneuvering them that you can’t place anything near the doors. Stacking sliders and French doors are my preferred options. These mean you can install fly screens easily if needed too.

NOTE: Images used under Fair Use, and the above commentary is a personal view and not commercial in nature, and were sourced from a variety of online sources and personal archives.

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