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Mar 27, 2017 | Anoushka's Blog, Small space design

How does your garden grow? With city gardens, the answer is with ingenuity and planning!

And although we are firmly in autumn, believe it or not, now is the time to start thinking about and planning your garden design, planting plans, and the cultivation of what you already have; ready for spring and summer.

This is especially important in urban gardens / space design, as once Spring has sprung we’ll want to invite friends and family to enjoy our backyard – or courtyard, terrace, or rooftop … as the case may be.

Once spruced up with lively accents and a clever plant and pot palette, even the tiniest of outdoor spaces is worthy of consideration.  Especially when it can also be an extension of your indoor areas… I’m sure we’ve all heard the expression of bringing the outdoor in and vice versa.  This is particularly true in countries like Australia, where we have the climate to use / incorporate outdoor spaces in our home usage more freely.

Click here for my post, 10 Tips on how to use plants & external living spaces to complete your home.

We are also seeing some interesting trends in this area with “urban farming”.  It has become stylish, it’s being claimed to be the future of food, and new “smart gardening” brands are popping up faster than ever.

But whatever your intentions are for your outdoor living areas (more space, food for the table, indulging your green thumb etc.) if you’re design savvy you need to consider it and plan how you want to use it.  If you want the best out of your space, of course.

If you’re not really green thumbed or just don’t know how to tackle this… don’t worry, there are specialists in this area popping up.  Just like SmartSpace Interiors focuses on making the most out of every area in your home, including outdoors, people like Adam Robinson are all about small space urban gardens.

I discovered Adam on a recent supplier sourcing trip and was blown away not only by his passion and skill, but also that he relishes the small space challenge, just like me he’s found a great niche and enjoys designing for these spaces.

Relaxed outdoor seating area by Adam Robinson Design

Adam is an award-winning landscape Horticulturist, Stylist, and Landscaper who started his design practice in 2011.  He is described as, “a master of urban gardening with a passion for working with small spaces, and coming up with clever, innovative design solutions, styling and plant palette ideas to really maximise any metropolitan outdoor space.”

A well thought out outdoor corner by Adam Robinson Design

To find out more about Adam Robinson Design Studios, click here.

Small space designed courtyard by Adam Robinson Design

So, as we move into winter, don’t neglect outdoor spaces, consider them in the overall design plan of your home. And do any works sooner rather than later, so you can actually enjoy the space in spring and summer.

If you’re not sure what this might look like, contact SmartSpace Interiors for an obligation free conversation about your home, and how to cleverly turn outdoor areas into intentions of your built environment, and maybe we can introduce you to Adam too!

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