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It’s been a while since I posted about one of my finished projects. And I just had this home photographed that was finished at the end of last year and we’ve been installing artwork and furniture to finish it all off.

The design and renovation process for this one took some time as due to the conservation area rules for this area we had to go to council for a full DA as we wanted to make the ensuite bigger than it’s original footprint. It was worth the wait as it was tiny and barely usable.

The builder started in early September 2023 and we had our client move in for Christmas that year, and although most of the renovation was cosmetic apart from extending the ensuite, the house is big so this can all add to time and cost on things like flooring, painting, and bathroom renovations included 3 full bathrooms in this home.

BEFORE: Wahroonga Kitchen

AFTER Wahroonga Kitchen

AFTER Wahroonga Dining

We replaced the floor throughout with European oak, and kept the kitchen in the same position, however we made the space on the far right a dining area as this was being used as a TV space. This makes more sense of the long narrow room and allows for a much more social eat in kitchen.

BEFORE Wahroonga Main bathroom

AFTER Wahroonga Main bathroom

BEFORE: Wahroonga Ensuite

AFTER Wahroonga Ensuite

BEFORE Wahroonga Pool shower room

AFTER Wahroonga Pool Shower room

All of the bathrooms had a complete make over. Including new floor plans, making the ensuite bigger by taking space from the huge main bedroom, and updating the pool shower room into a much more inviting bathroom. We threaded more blue through into these spaces and greens in the main bed ensuite to tie in with the wallpaper in the main bedroom.

AFTER Wahroonga Main bedroom

We also gave the main bedroom an update with flooring, painting and joinery.

BEFORE: Wahroonga Living

AFTER Wahroonga lounge room

Moving into the new lounge and sitting room we updated this again with new flooring and painting but also added in a skylight as this is the darkest room in the home. I also furnished this space as it was being used as a dining and sitting room prior to the renovations.

AFTER Wahroonga entry

The entry to the home was also very dark so we replaced the dark timber floors with the oak, and installed a huge skylight which has made a big difference, the wallpaper chosen for the walls is super light reflective and talks to my clients quirky style.

This whole project was a fantastic update to a dated home. So much more fitting for a family of 4 to enjoy for years to come.

If you’re thinking of renovating why not get in touch for a chat to see how I can help you bring your renovation to life, you can contact me on hello@anoushkaallum.com.au.

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