Aug 2, 2021 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

As many are aware Sydney is going into week 6 of lockdown this week. If you’re anything like me you find it hard to sit still for too long, especially during lockdown. And to be honest there are only so many walks I can take outside before feeling that itch to get home and do something around the house that I’ve been meaning to get to for a long time.

So, at the beginning of lockdown myself and my husband made a list – things we wanted to do in and around home. It may be long and extensive, and last way past lockdown, however it keeps us super motivated every weekend (we both work from home so stay pretty busy through the week). Here are some of the things we’ve ticked off already and are working on now, you never know you may get some inspiration for your next weekend in iso!

Indoor plants

My healthy Monstera plant

Anyone that’s been reading my blog for any time knows how much I love my house plants. I’ve taken this down time as an opportunity to repot, replant, take cuttings, reshape and perk up all of my indoor plants ready for the spring growth season. They are looking pretty awesome! If you want to take cuttings most do well by placing in a vase of water and you can watch the roots sprout over time, I just love this.

Spring clean in winter

Yep, I’ve been working through room by room, deep cleaning, moving furniture, lifting rugs, cleaning blinds, it’s quite a mood booster and great exercise too. I prepared by ordering some gorgeous natural Koala Eco cleaning products online, this also helps to motivate me to get the jobs done! https://koala.eco/

Paint touch ups

It’s only been 2 years since the whole house was painted but it still needed a touch up in places. Just those areas that get bumped and chipped, didn’t take long but the paintwork is looking fresh again. Always keep spare paint in the garage or shed for things like this. I even got a pot of paint made up in the blue colour I have on my kitchen cabinetry and touched up some little chip marks, good as new!


My front garden view from my guest bedroom

Since landscaping late last year we’ve had areas to address that weren’t included in that scope and of course get highlighted once everything else looks fresh! This weekend after removing loads of old planting that had to go, we realised we needed a retaining wall. We spent 2 days building a bush rock wall in our front garden. Hard work, fun, tiring, oh so rewarding, and certainly deserved my glass of red that evening! This will soon be ready for new planting in spring.

Moving art and styling pieces

Bee, brass singing bowl and succulent detail on wooden shelf

I often do this anyway but I’ve had a renewed focus on clearing down shelves, table tops and consoles and generally cleaning and placing pieces in new spots. All of a sudden you start seeing your lovely décor pieces in a new light. You can do this with artwork too, move pieces around and see how they work in other rooms.

Power washing ready for spring

This is the next job on the list. We have lots of pathways and bush rock walls that need a good clean. This time of year if perfect, not long to go until the warmer weather returns, so we’ll get out there over the coming weekends to have a good power wash and clean up, esepically out the front of the property where it tends to suffer more during winter.

All of the above have a huge impact on mental wellbeing, physical health and generally keep you moving forward. None of us like survival mode, we all want to be moving forward with something in our lives and I find these activities make a stagnant situation feel a whole lot more positive. What are you spending your time doing in lockdown?

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