What do you display on your walls?

Oct 29, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

Having been an art student many years ago I’ve always had a keen interest in fine art, the great masters and reflecting my favourite pieces in my home. But what we display on our walls has come such a long way over time. It’s no longer just about hanging a reproduction of your favourite artists piece, but more about expressing who we are through what we choose to display to guests in our home. From simple things such as a pinboard with our favourite inspiration pieces of the moment, or a unique print or canvas found in a local arts and crafts market to a moulded stag head that is so on trend right now.

I’m a little bit more of a traditionalist, no moulded animal heads on my walls I’m afraid. Nevertheless I thought you might like to see what I do favour to decorate my home with…..

These are a new purchase that haven’t been framed yet. I found them on Etsy. They were painted by an artist in Brooklyn called Emma Bazan. I just love her work and the colours that she uses. I’m excited to get these framed and up on the walls.

Beautiful watercolour purchased on Etsy from Bella & Bunny, Brooklyn New York.

Beautiful watercolour purchased on Etsy from Bella & Bunny, Brooklyn New York.

This is my current pin board in my office. I think it’s important to have somewhere where you can pin up inspiration. It doesn’t have to be of interiors, I often pin up recipes, pieces of ribbon, flyers, anything really that I just love to look at or a reminder of something that I wanted to do or see.

My office pinboard with images and items that are inspiring me right now. This is a forever changing feast of colours and textures.

This is a print of the famous Van Gogh Almond Blossoms painted in 1890. I love the tone of the blue against the white blossom. This is placed above my bed against a feature wall that is baby blue in colour.

Van Gogh framed print in mater bedroom.

This is by my absolute favourite artist of all time Gustav Klimt. Many of you will recognise this famous print that often gets sectioned up when reproduced. This is The Tree of life painted in 1909.

The Tree of Life by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt

I just love Rosina Wachtmeister’s abstract cat paintings. Being a car lover these are perfect for me. This is one of my favourite pieces by her, Cat with mouse in stomach. I have 2 others in my living room.

My absolute favourite piece of all of them. I just love the mouse in the cats tummy.

This is a simple photograph on canvas. Orchids are one of my favourite flowers and I couldn’t resist this for one of my guest bedrooms.

Orchids on canvas

Feel free to share your favourite pieces by commenting below.

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