What’s inspiring you right now?

Jun 17, 2013 | Anoushka's Blog

I’m working on a lovely project for a young couple in Sydney. It’s more of a cosmetic renovation however the whole place is just back to the bare brick at the moment.

When faced with a grey box I take my inspiration from online sites like Houzz and Pinterest to share and work with my clients in a vision that will translate their style into their home. Although this property is fairly modern this client prefers a more traditional feel with a modern twist. A hint of English country, with a dash of the industrial and the comforts of a warm home are all part of the brief.

Take a look at the below pictures as my starting point for this project. Beautiful colours, patterns, traditional lines, and interesting tile and fabric application. These are the pictures that make up my client’s mood board we take inspiration from these every step of the way staying true to the original style.

What style inspires you?

Super modern colours - Taken from www.pinterest.com

Wallpaper behind custom shelving - Taken from www.pinterest.com

Coral pink for the bedroom - Taken from www.pinterest.com

Classic grey's and elegant furniture - Taken from www.pinterest.com

Modern vibrant colour and pattern for the living room - Taken from www.pinterest.com

Geometric pattern - Taken from www.pinterest.com

Traditional kitchen with contemporary colour and finishes - Taken from www.pinterest.com

Traditional english style bathroom - Taken from www.pinterest.com

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