When you know you need an Interior Designer

Jul 12, 2016 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration


Everyone needs help from time-to-time… even the design savvy.

Under the right circumstances the design process can be a lot of fun but, on the flip side, can create a lot of challenges, stress and anxiety; even for professionals.  So when starting a design project, it’s important to collaborate with experts.

While some might see interior designers as a luxury, we’re crucial for a smoother client experience and a greatly improved outcome by saving money, time, energy and a lot of stress for our clients.  As-well-as delivering a superior finish.

So if you’re renovating, consider these points:

  1. Are you time-poor?

Let’s be honest most of us are pretty busy raising families; working; being social; pursuing life goals; etc!  So whether you want a bit of design support, purchasing power or full project management… consult an interior designer early on your project to help bring your ideas and plans together.

  1. Are you confident? Are you sure…

“What’s my style? How do I mix and match finishes? Is that expensive? There’s more than 50 shades of grey, what the..?“  A good interior designer will work to understand you and deliver a concept that works on a practical and an aesthetic level, while pushing your design boundaries a little…or a lot!

  1. You feel like interior design is everywhere?

Your hundreds of pinned images, 10 favourite TV shows and numerous magazines are proving to be a hindrance and not a help… and you feel totally overwhelmed.

If your head is buzzing with hundreds of ideas and you find yourself with a mish-mash of styles, colours, materials, or even the general feel your aiming for, you might need some help.  And as a designer it’s my job to bring you back to design basics.

  1. You don’t see yourself moving

Unlike all your other places… this is your forever home. And an interior designer will give you a unique and expert perspective, with designs that can go beyond trends with timeless designs that reflects your personality and needs. The quality of a designer’s trades will also give you comfort.

  1. You and your partner can’t agree

It doesn’t always have to be about compromise… you have these rooms and they have those etc.  You should both love your home.

I’ve successfully worked with a number of couples with “design differences” and can honestly say it’s about blending ideas.  I’m proud to say they’re almost always pleasantly surprised with the outcomes and no one has split up over one of my designs yet!

So… do you need a designer?  If you want to find out more about working with me, contact SmartSpace Interiors here.

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