How to work in an existing style with a fresh new scheme

Aug 21, 2017 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

It’s hard isn’t it when you’ve spent many years building up beautiful pieces of furniture and soft furnishings, and invested in lovely linen’s and accessories to see that these pieces may not fit style wise into a new home. Or maybe over the years your style has evolved and so these pieces feel like they no longer belong. I have a very good friend in the UK who’s about to make a life changing step by moving to Canada. We’ve been chatting about the move for months, her and her husband are selling their UK home and have already bought a place in Canada that’s very different in style. Plus she’s looking to update her scheme and wants to try something new, without wasting all of those good quality investment pieces.

So what’s the best way to work in your existing pieces with a new fresh look? Especially when you have the chance to change things up, maybe you’re moving to a larger home, or perhaps your downsizing? Here are some key things to consider that may make these decisions a little easier.

Keep, donate, recycle

So first of all you need to work out what you really want to keep, be a little ruthless here without stripping away the character or your collection. You don’t want to waste good pieces, however there may be some that need to go because they just don’t fit.  Can you repurpose? Can someone else make good use of it? Or should it go to charity?

What is the style you are moving towards?

Secondly work out what your style really is now. Pull images through on Houzz or Pinterest and look at the repetition. This usually reveals what you are attracted to very quickly. Then take a look at the pieces you currently have. Some will blend with your new style but there will be obvious misfits too!

How to blend old and new or 2 styles well

A blend of French Provincial with rustic modern

Frankly it’s boring to have everything matching, so don’t be afraid to mix things up. A few things to keep in mind when blending your pieces are:

  • Use a consistent colour scheme throughout the home, this will help everything ‘hang’ together. When you’re mixing styles you need some kind of constant, that could be wall colour, timber finish or accent colours in fabrics.
  • Keep the scale of your pieces similar with one or two standouts. For instance I love using a large light fixture, almost over sized to create a focal point but ensure the rest of your pieces work well together scale wise.
  • When mixing 2 styles in one space ensure key items have a balancing buddy. That could mean that your old shaker style dining chairs in a teak finish have a teak modern sideboard to work with. Or your acrylic white Eames chairs are paired with a light fixture in the same colour and finish.
  • Think about the mood of the room, I really don’t believe mixing formal pieces with more relaxed items works that well. When designing a space I always consider the mood I’m creating and it you get this wrong it could feel confused.

Have fun

And lastly have a little fun with it all. Because you will have a lot of existing pieces you can try, mix things up and live with it for a while. If it doesn’t feel right change it up. It’s good to be organic with the evolution of your styling as the end result is always richer.

NOTE: Images used under Fair Use, and the above commentary is a personal view and not commercial in nature, and were sourced from a variety of online sources and personal archives.

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