World Environment Day, 5 June

Jun 5, 2014 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration


Although I’m not an eco-activist, like most of us I do like to try and ensure I make sensible environmental and social choices. This can open up a number of choices and products that you might not have considered, which can challenge a design project and offer a twist.

Gone are the days of expensive and often less than aesthetically appealing environmental options. We can often bring together designs with a few green additions, power a project using green energy, offset carbon or make sustainable products the star of the show. As such here’s a list of my top four environmentally sensitive products I like to use, I even have some in my home:

1. Sustainable bamboo flooring –
2. Recycled benchtop materials –
3. Sustainable fabrics –
4. Low VOC paint –

For more info on how SmartSpace can help you bring together great design and sustainable choices call me on 0424 171077. And for more details on World Environment Day, visit the website,

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